Throughout the process of rejuvenating this ancient house, we have been aware of the need to focus on sustainable practices.


  • We have upgraded the insulation so that the roof insulation has been at least doubled, and in places, more than doubled.
  • We have replaced the boiler with one with a 15% improvement in fuel use efficiency
  • We have used flooring made of bamboo, now considered to be one of the world’s most carbon neutral crops.
  • We have used environmentally friendly paints such as Rendona® and Earth Balance® paint throughout the building
  • We have transferred all our energy requirements to the Good Energy Company, the only company in the UK to generate 100% of its electricity from sustainable sources, in our case from a wind farm off the North Cornwall Coast
  • Where we have altered external walls, we have added internal wall insulation where practical
  • We use bamboo based linen products in preference to water intensive cotton
  • We are delighted that West Somerset District Council have recently initiated an excellent re-cycling policy which we fully support



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